•  Sept. 14, 2021, midnight to July 31, 2022, midnight

₹ 3540.00


The Live Classes for Unit-1 will be conducted as per the schedule UNIT-1 SCHEDULE FOR LIVE CLASS

  • In addition to this, NCERT BASED RAPID REVISION (pre-recorded classes) & 30 MOST PROBABLE QUESTIONS DISCUSSION (pre-recorded classes) for the Unit will be made available free of cost. 
  • 30 Cumulative NEET Model Exams as online exams
  • In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, we may have to reschedule the live class. It will be compensated at a later date and time and you will be properly notified through POSTS tab. 
  • You can access the live classes(in the unit) from the date of joining. The recorded classes will be made available till NEET 2022. Students joining after the commencement of a unit, will get access to the recorded videos of the sessions(in the unit) completed so far and live classes(in the unit) form the date of joining. 
  • E-copy of the study material linked to the unit will be made available through the app. 
  • Any doubt regarding the course should be clarified through email before joining.
  • The Unit-wise subscription is a digital course and will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • Live Classes will be powered by Cisco Webex