•  Sept. 16, 2021, midnight to Aug. 1, 2022, midnight

₹ 9440.00


  1. Total 150 hrs of recorded video Rapid Revision classes covering the theoretical concepts linked to each chapter (+1 & +2).
  2. 96 hrs of recorded video discussion of selected questions from the base material.
  3. 96 DPPs (Daily Practice Papers) linked with each chapter, comprising 30 questions in each DPP with solutions.
  4. 96 hrs of recorded video discussion and analysis of important previously asked questions (PYQ’S) with solutions.
  5. 30 well structured NEET model cumulative Examination papers-180Questions 180 minutes. Portions will be tested there will be some questions from the syllabus of previous tests in the upcoming tests.
  6. 30 full topic NEET Model Examinations with recorded video discussion & analysis of each paper.
  7. 30 MOST PROBABLE QUESTIONS DISCUSSION from each chapter *

Items 1 to 5 will be available on purchase. 

For Item 6, the tests will be conducted according to a pre-notified schedule. 

Item 7 will be available from 1-10-21.

E-copy of the study material will be available through the app.